Patrick R. Callahan

Interests: Greek Scholiography, Digital Classics, Jesuit Latinity

I am director of the Newman Institute for Catholic Thought & Culture and Assistant Professor of English and Humanities at St. Gregory the Great Seminary with offices in Lincoln, NE. Since 2010 I have been working on the scholia (ancient commentaries) to the Greek lyric poet Pindar (c.518-c.438 BC). That project has had many iterations, false starts, and break throughs. Along the way I realized when working with a corpus this big and aiming for maximum accessibility that, while I am still working to produce an updated version of A.B. Drachmann's 3-volume edition of the Pindar Scholia (1903-1927), the end goal is a Pindaric multitext (with both digital UI & print options) composed of various manuscripts, editions, metrical notations, translations, scholia, commentary, and scholarship inspired by the greatest of lyric poets.


Stay tuned for updates...


GRK 402: Introduction to Greek II (course page) Spring 2022
ENG 241: Introduction to Great Books Spring 2022
HUM 251: Love & Friendship Fall 2021



"The Crass and the Sublime in Dante and Chaucer: Surprising Signs of a Thriving Catholic Culture" University of Maryland, College Park, Stamp Student Union | Benjamin Banneker Room B (Room 2212)
Thursday, Mar. 17 | 6:30pm | Event link

"The Role of Poetry in the Christian Life" Cairn University | Building/Room TBD
Tuesday, Apr. 5 | Time TBD | Event link